Announcing the CoolHotNot Community

Study after study proves that 90% of us trust the product recommendations of people we know. Yet until CoolHotNot, the only way to get recommendations from people we know was to bother them by asking or luck out if they told you.

We're devoted to changing that by making it easy, fun, and rewarding to join the CoolHotNot Community and share product experience with other members and get 24x7 product recommendations from your choice of Xperts, friends, associates, people like you, or even everyone.

  • It'll be easy because we've spent years perfecting our technology and approach to make it drop-dead simple so anyone can do it.
  • It'll be fun because we make a game out of it by giving you ticket points and a boost in your cred level whenever you contribute.
  • We make it rewarding by letting you trade your ticket points for experiential rewards or chances to win Cool or Hot products in our regular Giveaways. The more members we get, the more often we'll have Giveaways.

Coming soon, we can easily share our real-life product experience with each other through CoolHotNot - and you can help us change the world by letting us change your world, a little bit at a time.

I'm curious I'll help!

Our Innovative Patent-Pending Technology -
How It Works & Why It Matters

People love lists - Top 10 Lists, Search Results, ToDo Lists, Wish Lists, and so on. Most of us are natural-born list-keepers. So our technology is centered on three lists of products, based on real-life experience.

There's the Liked List, the Wish List, and the Lemon List. We curate your lists for you, with point rewards every time you contribute to the CoolHotNot Community, and make it fun by letting you trade your points for entries in our Giveaways.
You can add any product to one of YOUR three personal lists, based on your real-life experience with it.

  • If you use and like a product, and want to recommend it, just add it to your Liked List.
  • If you don't have it but want it, just add it to your Wish List.
  • If you tried it and had a bad experience with it and want to warn your friends about it, just add it to your Lemon List.

You can rate each product if you choose by how much you like, want, or dislike it, depending on which list it's on. Or you can write a Twitter-sized blurb about why you like it, why you want it, or why you dislike it.

The best part, though, is how our patent-pending method can combine any number of individual lists into ranked lists (think Top 10 Lists or search results) of what's Best, Most Wanted, and Worst according the people you choose.

Trusted curation is the future

Mark Cuban

CoolHotNot's patent-pending method is the future of trusted curation.

Dave Whittle